Curriculum Development & Training

bigstock-Businesswoman-moderating-strat-39036199Training specialists for over 20 years, Linda Dobson and Associates understand adult education principles and provide training opportunities that are engaging and focused.  Action oriented learning takes place with the facilitation of instruction designed specifically for your organization or through one of our licensed curriculum offerings.  Our trainers have worked in adult education and understand the balance between inspiration and perspiration!  Some of our course offerings include: Working with Challenging People and Situations, The Power of No, Negotation Strategies for Leaders, to name just a few.

Writing Curriculum

Writer and trainer of Award Winning “Conflict Coaching Level 1” and “Conflict Coaching Level 2” manuals for the award winning Conflict Coaching Associate Certificate Program, Justice Institute of BC

Leadership Coach Training” and “Advanced Coaching Skills”: organizations including RCMP, City’s of North Vancouver, Richie Brothers International, and Insurance Corporation of BC.

Conflict on the Frontline: Leaders as Conflict Resolvers” JIBC

Buddy to Boss” and “Front line Leadership: The First 90 Days” for large transportation provider

Performance Coaching 101” is available as a licensed product.

Linda’s book “Conflict Coaching 101: Helping People Resolve Differences” is expected to be available in summer of 2014.


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