I benefited from her coaching over several months in conjunction with a major writing project. She supported me to delve beneath the superficial blocks and barriers and helped me “find my voice”. Since then I have made excellent progress in my writing.

—Gary Harper, author “The Joy of Conflict”

Her passion for resolution, understanding and respect are key points … Linda is able to calm people down, establish trust and respect, and create an environment that moves people forward.

—HR director

Linda helped me identify the key issues that were getting in my way and helped me move beyond the issues. She was very skilled.

—AVP, Executive Development

I believe Linda’s strong academic background, as well as her practical and pragmatic and well grounded approach results in work that is well planned and well executed.

—HR Manager

I can honestly say Linda blew me away with her high level of confidence and her skillful approach.

—HR Global Retailer

I believe the benefit to the company was significant and quantitative: greater retention at a time of vulnerability, high risk, and re-organization.

—Global Sales Director

Linda’s ability to attend to the presenting problem and then carefully address the deeper issues moved me forward. She acknowledged my own strength and ability to know what to do, something I had forgotten or misplaced with all the confusion of change.

—Organizational Consultant